Working Together for Justice

Anish Nagar Diversity & Inclusion, Startups & Growth


Working Together for Justice

Dear NGOrganize Family,

We’re writing to share a few thoughts and to draw your attention to two important social justice organizations we’ve come to know well. 

The last few months have highlighted long-standing and deep-rooted injustices in the US. The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected communities of color by nearly every measure: lives lost, risks taken by essential workers, economic hardship, etc. And the murders, lynchings, and brutalizing of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black people over the last several centuries—at the hands of the police and white supremacists—have reminded us of the urgent and undeniable issues of systemic and institutional racism, state-sponsored violence, and deep-rooted bias and prejudice in our country. 

As an Indian-American man, I will never be able to fully internalize the lived experiences of African-Americans in a country that has persisted in its violence against Black bodies. But I can commit to listening, learning, and supporting Black lives and communities. Black lives matter. 

Over the last several days, we’ve heard many great suggestions from our friends and colleagues about ways to educate ourselves and act on our commitments to social and economic justice for Black Americans. We’ve found this resource guide particularly helpful.

Within NGOrganize, I am also committed to making sure we cultivate a culture of inclusivity and a work environment that our team members consider a safe space to recharge, share thoughts, and discuss their experiences. We at NGOrganize support your right to be seen and heard. 

I do not have all the answers to how we can be better allies, but I am interested in learning from and discussing ideas with our family here at NGOrganize. If you’re interested (and when you’re comfortable), we’d love to set up a discussion or forum to share thoughts and ideas (on any range of topics, including but not limited to, inequality in our industry, ways to enhance inclusion within NGOrganize, etc).

I also wanted to highlight the work of two NGOrganize customers, Sunshine Enterprises and Color Me Empowered, and encourage you to learn more about each organization (and support them if you can!).

Sunshine Enterprises is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering high-potential entrepreneurs living in under-resourced Chicago neighborhoods. Sunshine’s coaching and mentoring programs help entrepreneurs grow their business and transform their communities. Their vital mission has taken on greater urgency at a time of almost unprecedented economic hardship for people in Chicago’s South Side, West Side, and Evanston communities. Contribute here.

Color Me Empowered is a Dallas-based nonprofit that empowers at-risk children with after-school / summertime arts programs, while improving neglected communities through public art projects. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, as many families struggle to secure school supplies and maintain their children’s access to education, CME is working to ease some of the burden and reduce widening disparities in achievement gaps by providing art kits and curriculum to those in need. Contribute to CME’s goal of providing 100 art kits free of charge to families with limited resources here.

Finally, I want to acknowledge the extraordinary range of emotions we are all feeling right now. It’s okay not to feel okay. Please take the extra time to check in with one another and spread love and compassion.

Anish Nagar
CEO & Founder, NGOrganize